Oh, Kashi, Only 8 People Believe You

Not sure when Kashi launched their new page/PR campaign to quell the backlash over their use of a bunch of crap they say they don’t use, but if you Google “kashi” the first thing that comes up in the sponsored results in a link to this page:

Really, guys, they mean it this time.

One thought on “Oh, Kashi, Only 8 People Believe You

  1. No surprise….Kashi is owned by Kellogg…Pepsi owns Naked Juice (they just got out of some bad press as well) General Mills owns Cascadian farms…and my favorite little privately owned Iced Tea company Sweet Leaf just got “aquired” by Nestle……
    Organic is big business to the uninformed.
    The only way to eat smart is to eat locally.
    go here:
    to find a local food supplier near you.

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