Selected Work

Clouds (perhappened magazine)

Behind the Eight (Schuylkill Valley Journal)

Family Tradition (Anti-Heroin Chic)

Anyway Here’s Wonderwall (Rejection Letters)

Eight Good Seconds (FEED)

Evensong (elimae)*

Widowing (After Wendell Berry) (Rat’s Ass Review), May 2020

I Love You When You’re Pretty (Pindeldyboz)*

Cosmology of Jawbones (Quatrain Fish)

A Winter Ascetic (Thieves Jargon)*

The Good Thief (Tuesday Shorts)*

Easy Gods (Geez Magazine Issue 5, reprinted at

Last Stand In The Closing Country (Brevity)

Paxil Christi (for Lorenzo Albacete) and Fisher Kings (Generate)

The Eulogy And Judgment Of My Friend, The Philosophe in The Lantern (the literary magazine of Ursinus College). This narrative poem won the college’s Creager Prize For Creative Writing.

Everything I Know About Postmodernism I Learned from the Phillies (Hobart)

*Some of these pieces were written and published in the wild west days of internet literary journals (also known as the mid-oughts). Many of these sites no longer exist. Many of the links are broken. They’re presented here anyway, partly as a record of the particular ghost towns I’ve sometimes occupied.