Anti-Heroin Chic

The new issue of Anti-Heroin Chic is live and full of really good work. I’m honored to have a small piece of mine included. I also love the fact that quite a few of the writers I’ve connected with on Twitter since the pandemic started are part of this issue. There really are some wonderful people out there building community and working to build people up.

The Jedi Council Is Terrible (and other observations)

I think liking Star Wars requires generally disliking the Jedi Council. Those clowns are terrible when it comes down to it. Mace Windu is particularly bad, and Yoda spends the entirety of the Clone Wars “having a bad feeling about this” but never actually leading. Even Obi-Wan, who I love, is shady as hell.

The best things about The Clone Wars series are the arcs that focus on the clone troopers (especially the Domino squad characters), the droids, or Ahsoka. Also good are arcs that expand the Star Wars mythos in general, and there are plenty of those. The series also does what the prequel trilogy could not: establish Anakin as a tragic hero who spends the run up to his fall as being mostly right about everything.

Also: why does the Republic care if the Separatists leave? Also also: the clone army is Republic state-sanctioned slavery.

The show does a really good job showing all the flaws with the Republic and with the Council. It shows the hubris of the Jedi leadership as a main reason for their failure to sense the Sith threat. For these reasons, I love Luke’s attitude in The Last Jedi.

To put it another way: If James T. Kirk had been around to Kobayashi Maru the Jedi Council every now and then, Palpatine would have been arrested within the first ten minutes of Attack of the Clones.


I’ve been revisiting the Imagists lately. HD is from where I’m from and is buried over at Nisky Hill Cemetery. (Stephen Vincent Benet, though not an Imagist, is also from here).

I wrote a poem today in response to a lot of this reading. It’s about finches and thistles and fox-gloves and rain vales. It’s looking for a good home. And maybe also a title. Right now, it’s called Imagistes, which is just the plural of HD’s early pen name (given to her by Ezra Pound, who also called her – insufferably and predictably – Dryad).

We read “Oread” in high school. Our teacher subscribed to what seemed, to me at 15, a rather subversive take. But yes, “Oread” is about exactly what you think it’s about (and also other things). At least I think so.

I really like almost all of “Hermes of the Ways.” Here again, Pound had to interlope, changing “await” to “awaiteth,” because of course he did.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here talking to trees.

Two Poems After Wendell Berry

8 Poems has just published my poem, “Meeting“, in their newest issue. Thank you, 8 Poems!

Earlier this year, Rat’s Ass Review published “Widowing” and I’m very glad to be included in their Summer 2020 issue.

Both “Meeting” and “Widowing” were reactions to respective pieces by Wendell Berry. Check them out if you would.