The Dodgers Are Broke (and that news isn’t breaking).

I’m looking at you, CNN.

“Dodgers File For Bankruptcy Protection” was flagged as Breaking News a few minutes ago on CNN.  Okay, so the filing technically is news, but we all knew it was coming. It’s like a train that started crashing 100 miles ago and just kept sliding down a large, slightly inclined hill until it bottomed out. We’re not exactly at bottom yet, but we’re close.

Move the Dodgers back to BrooklynThat would be breaking news.  And also, awesome.

I should add that Howard Megdal, the author of the linked piece, makes some great points, one of which is NOT giving the Yankees a playoffs bye for giving up rights to block a Dodger move back to the New York market.  A bye into the playoffs is worse than the Wild Card.

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