The United Countries of Baseball (via Nike and MLB)

Alright, this was way cooler when I didn’t know Nike made it, but it’s still worth sharing, especially since a lot of you get to this little old blog of mine by searching for the “Every Baseball Hat Since 1950” infographic.  “The United Countries of Baseball” shows fan allegiance by region.  Because it uses 2007 numbers, the huge pockets of Phillies fans around the country are not accurately relfected,  There should also be a Yankee presence in New Jersey and Florida among other corrections.  What would you change? (Click to embiggen and see full map).

The Dodgers Are Broke (and that news isn’t breaking).

I’m looking at you, CNN.

“Dodgers File For Bankruptcy Protection” was flagged as Breaking News a few minutes ago on CNN.  Okay, so the filing technically is news, but we all knew it was coming. It’s like a train that started crashing 100 miles ago and just kept sliding down a large, slightly inclined hill until it bottomed out. We’re not exactly at bottom yet, but we’re close.

Move the Dodgers back to BrooklynThat would be breaking news.  And also, awesome.

I should add that Howard Megdal, the author of the linked piece, makes some great points, one of which is NOT giving the Yankees a playoffs bye for giving up rights to block a Dodger move back to the New York market.  A bye into the playoffs is worse than the Wild Card.