A Teen Titans Reboot Image You May Have Missed: Red Robin Glides, Superboy Flies, Bart’s Cowl is Strange. And There’s A New Guy.

If you’re here to read about the DC Comics reboot, you probably already know the news that’s come out since my last Titans post:

  • Bart Allen is Kid Flash (good).
  • Red Robin’s feather-cape lets him glide (okay, but from what does he propel?)
  • Red Robin has a jet-pack (oh, that’s right. So it’s not like the old Spidey cartoons where Spidey is just shooting up webs in the middle of fields and spiriting away after IceMan and Firestar).
  • The girl with the Feral hair is being called Bug Girl in promotional convos by the creators, but I don’t think that’s her real name.  Now, your Daily Cocca thinks all the hatred going Bug’s way is pretty strong tea, but I’d be lying if I said my first impression of this character wasn’t “1993 called, in bad way.”

Now for the newish image, which you may have already seen elsewhere but I completely missed:

S-boy’s gloves are an intentional homage to the character’s 1990s origin.  I guess that’s cool, even if it’s superfluous.  The modern Superboy didn’t really come into his own until the last decade and the fashion sensibilities that came with it.  Note to DC: Black t-shirts and blue jeans will probably always be cool.  I’m not sure about the muscle shirt here.  I want to commit to hating it.

Red Robin joins Bart in the shoulder-insignia club.  Maybe Tim’s does something.

There’s a new dude in the middle.

Bart’s cowl looks funny.

8 thoughts on “A Teen Titans Reboot Image You May Have Missed: Red Robin Glides, Superboy Flies, Bart’s Cowl is Strange. And There’s A New Guy.

  1. 1.) This whole thing looks ridiculous
    2.) Wonder Girl as a thief? Why screw up a pretty solid character?
    3.) The 3 new Marvel clones? Yawn.
    4.) Why did the turn Superboy gay…or at least dress him that way
    5.) Bart Allen as Kid Flash is great, his outfit sux
    7.) Tim as Red Robin is great…his outfit (minus the wings) is okay
    8.)Do these DC people really get paid to come up with crap like this?
    9.) WonderGirl’s costume is horrible
    10.) I will not give this a chance

  2. I like ’em for the most part. Except bug girl, she’s kind weird. And Tim’s wings I’m still unsure of, but the rest look pretty cool. Also, I take offense to Pete’s comment, you can’t dress gay you ignorant dick.

    1. Jack, thanks for your comments. Pete, I should have said this sooner, but the comment about dressing Connor gay is off-putting and, I agree, offensive. Perhaps you’d like a chance to rephrase?

  3. I seriously have no idea what to think about this, I’m kinda of torn. I mean i kinda like Red Robin’s costume but it feels like Jim Lee is kind of giving it a Wildstorm feel. Wonder Girl as theif? She’s kida fallen from status. Also I think the black cloudy girl next to Kid Flash and S-Boy might be, MIGHT BE, Solstice the new Indian girl.

    I don’t know what to think really.

  4. I love the Falcon. Oh. Wait. Opps.
    I love Umbra/Shadow Lass. Oh. See above.
    Teen Titans has always rocked until after One Year Later.
    This whole reboot looks like Image took over DC.
    So not impressed.
    (Hey, is this a haiku?)

  5. You don’t have to name him “Red” Robin because of the new costume or vice versa. He can’t fly either way. Please shorten or take the wings away.

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