Fastnacht Day: Success!

Friends, I did not make it to Egypt Star yesterday, but I did succeed in my primary goal, which was to enjoy a genuine Lehigh Valley Fastnacht (plain) at Mary Ann Donut Kitchen. Like most people in Allentown, I love Mary Ann Donuts.  They are the best and most authentic of all Allentown pastries.  As Linus Van Pelt might say, they are sincere.

While Mary Ann usually has a huge variety of freshly-made donuts, bagels, and crullers on hand, the only offerings yesterday were three varieties of the traditional Pennsylvania German pre-Lenten pastry.  Reports from early in the morning had Fastnacht-seekers lining out the door for over two hours.  By the time of my visit around 1 PM, the place was still full and still filling.

My Fastnacht was excellent, by the way.  An added bonus: Mary Ann’s always delightful staff were wearing special shirts that read:






3 thoughts on “Fastnacht Day: Success!

  1. If I lived or worked within walking distance of a dedicated doughnut manufacturer, I would visit them on a near-daily basis. In fact, this has been the case twice, for the Fastnacht House in Gap, PA and Sunrise Valley Donuts in Bethlehem, PA (both defunct). Although they have collaborated to expand my waistline, I would still be a loyal patron if I could. Next time I visit Allentown, I *will* be paying Mary Ann a visit.

    Last year on Fastnacht Day I visited all of the local bakeries I could find in Williamsport, and not a single one made doughnuts of any sort on that day or any other. So yesterday I settled for a sugared fastnacht from Giant grocery, and felt slightly guilty about eating it without having any intention of observing Lent.

  2. I guess you’re too far north to be in the true Pennsylvania German wheelhouse, my friend. I am laughing to myself about your last line =).

    Add Fastnachts to your list of reasons for moving back to being in reasonable driving distance of yours truly!

  3. Chad, next time, look into the bakeries in teh Lewisburg/Mifflinburg area. It’s worth the day trip and you’ll probably find something better than what you found at the Giant.

    Chris, I was at Mary Ann’s too… I bought a dozen and 1/2 sugar. co-workers, volunteers, and yes, most especially Sara, appreciated them. With a new donut shop in town, this will probably be the last time I bring such a good with me to Kutztown. Interestingly, the donuts in Kutztown are the same price but come with such variety.

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