Fastnacht Day: Success!

Friends, I did not make it to Egypt Star yesterday, but I did succeed in my primary goal, which was to enjoy a genuine Lehigh Valley Fastnacht (plain) at Mary Ann Donut Kitchen. Like most people in Allentown, I love Mary Ann Donuts.  They are the best and most authentic of all Allentown pastries.  As Linus Van Pelt might say, they are sincere.

While Mary Ann usually has a huge variety of freshly-made donuts, bagels, and crullers on hand, the only offerings yesterday were three varieties of the traditional Pennsylvania German pre-Lenten pastry.  Reports from early in the morning had Fastnacht-seekers lining out the door for over two hours.  By the time of my visit around 1 PM, the place was still full and still filling.

My Fastnacht was excellent, by the way.  An added bonus: Mary Ann’s always delightful staff were wearing special shirts that read: