Great Gatsby Video Game Lets You Party Like It’s 1929

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Hello, reason I started writing.

Every now and then, the highly esteemed Shawn Rosler drops something on my Facebook wall that amazes, confounds, and renders me generally useless with fanboy delight. Maybe it’s something about Noel Gallagher or Ken Burns. And maybe, just maybe, it’s a link to an old-school-NES-style game based on The Great Gatsby.

Earlier today, I Facebook-officially liked this text art Gatsby poster, mostly because of the sublime touch of the famous green light in an otherwise black-and-and-white homage.  Major points there in my book. Like Tom Buchanan at a West Egg tennis tournament, Shawn countered with this.

3 thoughts on “Great Gatsby Video Game Lets You Party Like It’s 1929

  1. You are far too kind…I, like you, just happened upon it (though my delivery to you was more based on your post from earlier). It is, as you say, confusing, inspiring, confounding, and further proof positive that the Japanese (read the info on it) are both awesome at making things like this, but most certainly a few bricks short…glad you liked.

  2. This reminds me of a WordPress blog I stumbled upon a while back called Gatsby Is Dead. However, it seems the author has deleted it. What a waste of a good blog title.

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