The United Countries of Baseball (via Nike and MLB)

Alright, this was way cooler when I didn’t know Nike made it, but it’s still worth sharing, especially since a lot of you get to this little old blog of mine by searching for the “Every Baseball Hat Since 1950” infographic.  “The United Countries of Baseball” shows fan allegiance by region.  Because it uses 2007 numbers, the huge pockets of Phillies fans around the country are not accurately relfected,  There should also be a Yankee presence in New Jersey and Florida among other corrections.  What would you change? (Click to embiggen and see full map).

5 thoughts on “The United Countries of Baseball (via Nike and MLB)

  1. this is accurate until 2007. Since then, the phillies own much more territory having anexed 99% of the Nationals’ territory (including renaming the park “Citizens Bank Park South”), the Orioles much less, and Cubs Nation is now a struggling confederacy as much of it is now Brewers Fans or simply have converted to a hunter-gatherer state (more specifically, they are hunting the guy with the headphones who stole the ball from Alou in the playoffs). Additionally, Astros and Marlins nations are all but vanquished, with many loyalties opting to join Rangers, Rays or Braves nations. For a brief period of time, Pirates Nation consumed the Western territories of Nationals’ Nation and Indians Nation obsorbed Reds’ Nation, but then mid-July hit and that all but corrected itself. Giants National formally took over A’s Nation, with periodic violent scirmishes breaking out from rebels who demand justice (forgetting that David Justice retired years ago). Jays fans, incidentally, stopped caring and converted their currency to Hocky pucks. Many children today are taught that Joe Carter was a legendary Forward who could hit a puck into the net from 400 feet away and that Mitch Williams was a terrible goaltender. To this day, Phillies Nation continues to use the Phanatic as a goodwill ambassador, periodically using him to lull the opposition into complacency for the next take over (Yeah, I’m talking ’bout you Mets fans).

  2. It seems that in the past 10 years Red Sox Nation and Phillies Phanaticism have grown the most, potentially competing for the unincorporated territories of the west. (I’m under the impression from my west coast friends that most people on the left coast care very little for sports allegiances in general, unless their Giants suddenly stumble their way to championship bedlam.) But if we are talking about hat and jersey sales, the Yankees should be much larger thanks to Jay-Z, even though the club never plays in black, red or pink, all of which drive me nutz. From personal experience, Louisiana has no real allegiance to the Astros, Braves, or Rangers. The baseball allegiance is all LSU! Geaux Tigers!

  3. Are the West Coast friends saying that West Coasters in general don’t care much? I think Angels fans were pretty vocal when they became the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Dodgers fans are pretty faithful. I wonder if the apathy is more in terms of football with all of the moves, and less so on baseball, which has been fairly stable since the 60s?

  4. First off this infographic makes excellent wallpaper.

    As a West Coast fiend I’ll say that all we have is left to love is Ichiro. The Mariners like to buy brittle players right before they snap and sell their prospects the year before they start juicing.

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