What to Name Your Cat

I wanted to work on a piece about Schrodinger’s Cat and this is what my brain did instead.

Schrodinger, Kayfabe, Mr. Pringles, Tom Petty.

Hazmat, Nermal, Big Mitch.

Filene, Phaedra, Uncle Tupelo.

Liono, Katara, Fellini.

Grand Theft Auto, Hoagie/Grinder, Pierogi.

Fig Newton, Pippin, Loki, Picard.

Kenny Ortega, Kenny Omega.

Cringer, Crash, Koko, Kismet.

Ax/Smash, Dax/Cash.

Don Knots, Leonard Cohen, Sir Hiss.

Rad Brad, Don Quixote, Sadie Pawkins.

Leslie Knope, Linda Rondcat.

Kenneth Purrcel.

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