Great Book News from Some Writers I Don’t Know, Do Know, and Kind of Know

I don’t know Heather Poole, but my wife does.  Heather’s memoir, Cruising Altitude, came out today and she’s been all over radio and print.  Next week she’s on 20/20.  Congratulations, Heather!

Heather is a flight attendant, as was a writer I do know: the amazing Ann Hood.  Ann’s very successful novel The Knitting Circle is being made into a movie by HBO with Katherine Heigl starring and producing.

Clay Morgan, who writes a great blog called Educlaytion, just announced that he sold his first book to Abingdon Press.  Way to go, Clay!

Kyle Minor recently singed on with agent Katherine Fausset of Curtis Brown.  She’ll be representing and, I’m quite sure, selling, his new manuscript in short order. Kyle is a gracious dude and one the hardest-working writers I’ve seen on the web.  His talent and production are going to take him very far.

I’m very inspired but what all of these folks are doing.

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