Everyone In the Government Works For or Has Worked For Monsanto

Yes, yes.  That sounds alarmist.  But given that we’ve been talking about the food supply today, and about the paper thin difference between a war between regime change in Iraq and regime change in Iran, I thought I should share this startling graphic.  If it’s true, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter who you vote for.  #buyorganic

Behold, the Venn diagram that explains these interlocking directorates.  Click to embiggen.


2 thoughts on “Everyone In the Government Works For or Has Worked For Monsanto

  1. Chris: did you actually read the chart? Your post makes it sound like it’s a listing of current gov’t employees when actually this is from the past 40 years. Many listed aren’t even Monsanto employees, but just people with some connection to the company. With that broad of net I’m surprised the list isn’t longer and there are several other companies that would likely have a list equally long. The food issue is ligit. Blaming (or implicating) Monsanto somehow infiltrating the gov’t is, in a manner of speaking, “Fox-like.”

  2. I take your point. When I started the post by admitting to alarmism, I thought I was tipping my hat a bit to the fact that I’m framing it in a way that’s open to interpretation, as it the diagram itself. That said, even when we’re talking about relationships with Monsanto involving people still in power, and a list that shows a history of this kind of thing, it’s problematic. You’re right of course that other companies have themselves entangled in equal measure…that’s a problem, too, in everything from securities and finance to, as you said, the food supply.

    I appreciate you raising the point.

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