Who Is the American Middle? Almost Everyone You’ve Ever Known Is Crazy (but Might Not Know it Yet)


Who is the American Middle that has the power to make the 2012 election something different?

Most people reading this post.  That huge nexus of overlap between the responsible Tea Partiers and the responsible Occupiers.  The employed. The unemployed.  The insured and uninsured.  Homebuilders and homeless.  Students with too much debt, families without enough food.

A reader writes:  “I know you joke about your Kuccinich/Paul dream ticket, but I go one step further: it takes a group of crazy D’s and a group of crazy R’s putting aside all that easily divides them and works toward helping real people overcome the big government and big business working against them. What a concept?”

What a concept.  I hereby propose the noble and wrongly-maligned fox as the symbol of the next American electoral revolution.  If crazy is Ds, Rs, Is, TPs, OWSs all working together for the kind of change we need, I’m crazy all day long.

3 thoughts on “Who Is the American Middle? Almost Everyone You’ve Ever Known Is Crazy (but Might Not Know it Yet)

  1. You’re treading on the paws of Fox News, FireFox Browser and Foxx’s Gentleman’s club (there goes your precious search query). It’s hard to compete against The Tea Party’s trifecta of classic American rebellion, the word “party” and tricorn hats.

    Too bad it isn’t Wall Lane.

  2. Beaten to the comment that the Fox is already the symbol of crazy R’s, just not the kind who are crazy in their commitment to compromise.

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