Songs that Say Something about Generation X

I know we’ve done variations on this theme before, but I there was a search query for this topic over the weekend and I aim to please.  As you  might know, I consider search queries the blogging equivalent of Letterman’s CBS Mail Bag, so here we go.  Nominations are open.  As you consider,  remember the Daily Cocca’s proposed gradations of Gen X.  And don’t forget the Pixies.


9 thoughts on “Songs that Say Something about Generation X

  1. In no particular order:

    REM – Pop Song 89
    Depeche Mode – Somebody | Enjoy the Silence
    Radiohead – Creep
    U2 – Zooropa – almost the entire album is a commentary on culture
    Oasis – Cast No Shadow
    Pearl Jam – Jeremy
    Pavement – Fight this Generation

  2. I think I’m one of those weird Millenial Babies. I have one foot in Gen X and one foot trying to deny that Britney Spears speaks for my generation.

  3. As a Gen X.0-er, I’ll have to say:

    Modern English “I Melt with You”
    Shattered idealism with dashes of hope:

    I made a pilgrimage to save this human race
    (You should see why)
    Never comprehending a race that long gone by
    (I’ll stop the world)

    I’ve seen some changes but it’s getting better all the time…
    The future’s open wide

    It also reminds me of the boyfriend and my first time. TMI… ;-)

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