Will DC’s Relaunch Mean More Sales? (And He-Man Comics from the 80s).

Sadly, no, DC’s relaunch does NOT include a new line of He-Man books in the classic continuity.  DC did do a He-Man miniseries in 1983, which I now proudly own in its entirely thanks to my LCS (local comic store) and one Alexander Hamilton.

Dropped in on the LCS yesterday to ask if they were anticipating an increase in sales with the re-launch.  Was told that many regular customers are adding many of the new books to their lists. And then I did something I’ve never done in all my years of comic-book-nerdiness and narrative obsession.

I set up my own list.

JLA, Batman, Superman, Flash.  I’m hook, line, and sinkered on the idea that this is a really cool time to start collecting or, in my case, to start collecting again.  Comic sales live and die by big events (The Death of Superman is what got me collecting seriously in the first place.  It did not have the same effect on my 13-year-old love life, but whatevs.), and companies succeed when initial interest from casual fans can be sustained.  So I hope the relaunch isn’t something that gets undone in 18 months.

Did I mention that I got a DC He-Man mini-series from the 80s?  You have no idea how pumped I am about this (is what I also said to the cashier).

Will the relaunch mean more sales in the short term?  I think so.  We’ll see if that can be sustained, and let’s not forget that people adding the titles to already established lists are not casual fans crossing over into collecting.  They’re a captive audience already.  The degree to which DC gets more people like me excited remains to be seen, but I expect them to lead in sales at least through Christmas.

You want to see pictures from the He-Man books, don’t you?  I know, I know. But they’re in the car and it’s pouring.  I’ll do better next time, I promise.

5 thoughts on “Will DC’s Relaunch Mean More Sales? (And He-Man Comics from the 80s).

  1. ok so there is no new he-man comic but do we get a new atari force series?

    I think this relaunce will increase sells at least in the short term as comic fan check out the new titles. The real question is DC be able to actually bring in new readers?

    That I have no ideal

    1. Thanks for the comment. I agree about the short term. I also think DC is hoping to leverage the movie properties (and so is their parent, Warner.) We’ll see what happens. If the stories are good, I think people will stick around. I’ve been thinking of adding Action Comics and Detective Comics just because, really, it would be pretty cool to have those #1s.

  2. I really didn’t understand this slobbering nerdopolis until I read the Times article. If I comprehend (without going wiki-wacky all day) the DC universe is being reset by The Flash’s shenanigans, and all major heroes will have their lives rebooted to origin, and The New Adventures of old Heroes will be chronicled beginning with issue #1’s.

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