Did Google Just Find a Way to Make GoogleBuzz Usable?

Yes, I think they did, and those sneaky sneakersons did it with Google+.  They also snuck relevance into Picasa while you weren’t looking. 

Within Google+, GoogleBuzz is like a separate feed of whatever you’ve set to automatically go to Buzz (since no one, ever, uses Buzz on purpose). So if your Twitter is set to go to Buzz, it now also goes to your feed on Google+.  The same is true for whatever you Buzz on the web.  There’s also a +1 feed for whatever you +1.  Both of these are separate from what you post “in” Google+  I think this is convenient.  I haven’t figured out all of the privacy issues, but +1’s are public by nature.  The Photos stream integrates Picasa, which, by the way, can receive automatic uploads (set to private by default) whenever you take a picture on your smart phone.

Google, you are sly.  Very, very sly.

2 thoughts on “Did Google Just Find a Way to Make GoogleBuzz Usable?

  1. But what exactly makes me want to go on +1 anymore than, say, Facebook or twitter? That’s the question that I need an answer for…

  2. That’s the question. This is the answer, if only for me:

    I’m already signed into Google, and I can curate (there’s that word) my social graph more effectively in Google+ than I can on Facebook or twitter. I know that Facebook as lists and groups and Twitter has lists, but to me, this just functions better and feels more intuitive. Also, the “only people have pages” thing and the more professional feel.

    Now that I think of it, I seldom go on Twitter…I’m always on a desktop or mobile app that helps me manage my twittosphere. Cotweet is the one I’m currently liking.

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