Checking In On Your Mom’s Sartorial NHL Playoff Picks

Check out Eric Sylvester’s recent guest posts wherein he picks the winners of the NHL’s Eastern and Western Conference quarterfinals.   I do believe all but two of his series picks (that is, team with the better jersey, according to Eric and his mom), won their first game of this round:

Eric, you might be on to something.

One thought on “Checking In On Your Mom’s Sartorial NHL Playoff Picks

  1. The sad part? My actual picks line up with my jersey picks across the board, save for 3 matchups:

    1) I have Vancouver over Chicago
    2) I have Nashville over Anaheim.

    I almost lied and stopped there, which would have made me a perfect 8/8 after the first games, but I’ll be honest and admit that I have Boston over Montreal, even though I REALLY want Montreal to win that series.

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