One For The Baseball Purists Among Us

I found this picture via the latest Jerry Reuss post at UniWatch:

What is up with Terry Francona’s mock turtle neck?  This picture was taken last season, I believe.  You know the umpire can’t believe he’s seeing this.  “Calm down, Terry.  And listen, man, I think, well, shit Franc, I think you’re wearing a tunic. Take it easy, little brother.  Did Jayson Werth roll and smoke your jersey during interleague again? No, I don’t know why he’s not staying with the Phils, but Terry, that’s beside the point.  You need to get back in the dugout.  Now.  You’re the manager of a legacy team, dude.  You need to class this up.”

Don’t way it’s a new New England thing.  Terry, you’re  better than that. I don’t care what Scioscia does.  He knows better, too.

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