A Daily Cocca Exclusive: Pepsi’s Eco-friendly Bottle (IMAGE)


Pepsi says it has a new bottle made entirely from 100% plant-derived plastic.  They say it will reduce their carbon foot-print and hence is eco-friendly. I say that unless it’s biodegradable, it’s no better than the regular plastic floating around in the old pacific garbage island. I say that the only eco-friendly bottles ever made to-date are the ones pictured above.

5 thoughts on “A Daily Cocca Exclusive: Pepsi’s Eco-friendly Bottle (IMAGE)

  1. I was so proud of Sun Chips for introducing biodegradable bags. Then they discontinued them because they were too “loud” for consumers. In Sun Chip’s defense the bags were ridiculously noisy; like tuning a radio with full volume and zero reception.

    1. So true! My friends and I would buy bags of Sun Chips on weekend drinking nights, and whenever somebody wouldn’t shut up/told a boring story we’d just crinkle the bags as loud as humanly possible. Which sounded sorta like dragging a rock across a sidewalk with a bullhorn next to it.

      Oh, Sun Chips. You are delicious AND point proving.

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