The Floating Plastic Garbage Island

Did anyone else happen to see Captain Charles Moore on Letterman last night?  I first heard about the Pacific garbage field a few weeks ago but didn’t realize how recent a discovery it was.

Um, let’s all agree to stop using plastic yesterday.  Or, like Moore says, let’s agree to use it only for things we intend to have around for a good long time.  It’s pretty ironic that we use one of the most durable things we’ve ever created for disposable packaging, utensils, cameras, and other things that are specifically made to be thrown away.

Remember glass?  Good old inert, flavor-saving glass?  Those were the days.

Don’t get me wrong.  I know plastic has made the world better in many ways.  I’m not saying it hasn’t.  But plastic waste is another issue.  It needs serious attention.

This is a single-serving, disposable post, by the way.  I’ve been up all night working and am now about to fall happily to sleep for a few hours.  So no big long post about sustainability and everything.  Just wanted to say if you haven’t heard about the floating waste zone twice the size of Texas, read up on it.  And I also wanted to say good on you, David, for having Charles Moore.

That was Johnny Fever’s name in “Head of the Class,” wasn’t it?  He was also in Flight of The Navigator. And to all a good night!

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