Happy Birthday, World We Live In!

So's your graphical user interface always makes sense.

The world we live in started on this day in 1984.   As Wikipedia just told me, it was 27 years ago today that “the first Apple Macintosh, today known as the Macintosh 128K, went on sale, becoming the first commercially successful personal computer to feature a mouse and a graphical user interface rather than a command line interface.”

Modern life, I am four years older than you.  You really ought to give me your lunch money.

Just kidding, modern life.  But I am thinking of extending my end point for Generation X from 1980 or ’82 to 27 years ago yesterday.  Which also happens to be the occasion of Hulk Hogan’s first WWF World Heavyweight Championship.  I don’t think the lines could be any more clear.

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, World We Live In!

  1. I think you’ve solved every generational issue within this post! Congrats!

    And Happy Birthday everything shiny and beautiful about computers! I love you Mac. Thank you for making technology fun, beautiful, easy, and accessible to the masses!

  2. This weekend I was trying to tell some undergraduates about the Apple and IBM computers of the early and mid-1980s. The idea of operating without a mouse was a bit of a bombshell to them.

  3. Hey, Doc! Thanks for stopping by. It’s funny: I had a computer applications class in 10th grade (we’re talking 1995, here) and we were still running DOS. We used it to learn word processing and to control a robotic arm. That was chaos. The next year, the school offered a Windows class. It was a revelation.

  4. So, I’m Gen X? Cool. That sounds like I have superpowers…. I remember my Dad getting his first computer (To work with, that is. We had a Sinclair ZX81 to play games on, then a BBC Micro B which had colours and SOUND!) He was advised by my Uncle not to bother with Windows, since it took up too much memory and wasn’t worth the trouble. Mind you, when you’re talking about a 286 processor, maybe he had a point…..

  5. Hi Damian! Just bookmarked your blog and am really looking forward to reading it. Our first family computer was a circa 1996 Compaq. To say it was empowering would be an understatement. It felt like a totally new world. Computers are so commonplace now, and that’s probably a good thing, but I miss the wonder…that’s another thing our kids won’t experience. And it makes me wonder what will come along and imbue them with that same sense.

    1. I can relate, I moved in 1996 and my step father had a computer IN his house it was the coolest thing on the planet, I have been hooked ever since. I also do not for a minute miss AOL dial-up.

      I also remember the computer lab in elementary school we had 15 computers so only half the class went at a time but we got to play on Macs that looked very similar to the ones above… it was 1990(ish) We played “Word Muncher” By far one of the best word games EVER. :) Glad I stumbled on your blog! :) I’ll be coming back!

      1. Or, back a little bit to CompuServe dial up – when AOL still came on floppies. CompuServe charged by the minute for connection. AOL won because you could purchase time for a flat rate.

        Yes, I do get nostalgic for the sounds of yester-yore…beep beep beep – beepbeepbeepbeep. SCCccrrRRaawwwSShhhHHzzztt-bweeeeeeee!

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