Fanboy Vernacular

This is from 2010.  Spoiler alert: I never wrote the piece for Bkish.  I was too busy writing my own vernacular work.

Reading Oscar Wao, I could follow most (not all) of the Spanish…at one point the notes I was writing as I read started ending in Spanish, too.

But I understood all of the fanboy vernacular. All of that Jack Kirby Source Wall Fourth World Ringwraith stuff.

I’ll probably do a longer post on this at bkish, but I am really impressed by this book.

2 thoughts on “Fanboy Vernacular

  1. I wanted to love this book. I really, really did. But I just didn’t. I’ve even considered going back and reading it a second time, just to see if I can convince myself to love it the second time, but it left a nasty taste in my mouth and I just don’t know if I can do it. Go ahead and say it: I’m a bad, bad Latina. ;)

  2. Anything specific, or sort of the general arc of most of the content? Have you read the short story version that the book grew out of? Maybe Diaz hooked me on poor Oscar from the short story…but I do like how he switches narrators and gives the family history. The history of Ableard seems a little out of place, but the whole thing about fuku is a really interesting conceit. I think there are some parts in the book that feel a little rushed on my first read, but these were mostly things I knew were coming because of the short story.

    oh, and you’re not a bad Latina =) My son’s Spanlgish fluency grows by the day…you’re going to have a lot to talk about next time you see him =)

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