Where are our Jetpacks? Where are our Flying Cars?

I probably say this a few times a year, but don’t you ever wonder why the technological future people predicted when the space age started hasn’t happened yet? I know, I know…we have computers and plastic and all of that. But where are my hour-long flights to the Moon? It’s 2010.

It’s like that whole generation of scientists who were kids when Hanna-Barbera was in first runs and Stan Lee was inventing the cosmos weren’t even paying attention. But lots of things from Star Trek have made their way into reality. Well, some things. Yes, I’ve been watching Johnny Quest and reading Junot Diaz.

Fanboy Vernacular

This is from 2010.  Spoiler alert: I never wrote the piece for Bkish.  I was too busy writing my own vernacular work.

Reading Oscar Wao, I could follow most (not all) of the Spanish…at one point the notes I was writing as I read started ending in Spanish, too.

But I understood all of the fanboy vernacular. All of that Jack Kirby Source Wall Fourth World Ringwraith stuff.

I’ll probably do a longer post on this at bkish, but I am really impressed by this book.