In Case You Were Wondering

I was going to write a post about what I learned by not blogging over the semester break.  But you’re getting “what I did last night instead of sleep”:

1. Took the late bus back from the city, on which I read some Junot Diaz.

2. Watched “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea” on PBS.  I blame Ken Burns, Shawn Rosler, and Joe Calhoun for this.  But it was awesome.

3. Read up on John Muir. Badass.

4. Watched a documentary on Melville Herskovits.  Profoundly interesting.  DVRed-it-but-watched-it-live-anyway kind of interesting.  Godfather II territory.

5. Watched “Before The National Parks” documentary about First Nations today in Yellowstone and Glacier Parks.

6. Edited the CSS code for the blog.

7. Ate tomato soup.