Story: “Evensong” (100 words, first published at Elimae)

Elimae, run for a long time by the talented Cooper Renner and others, no longer exists as a venue for new writing.  Cooper does, however, keep an archived version of the journal live on his own website.  You can find it here.

This is one of the first things I ever published, and I’m still rather fond of it.  I’ll always be grateful to Cooper for helping me share it.

Thaddeus, age 3, set the Evensong in shallow water. Small waves rose and fell, and, retreating, carried Thad’s small ship further from the shore. Squealing and on pigeon toes Thaddeus retrieved it, and, safely back, he cast the tiny schooner headlong into the sea. His father’s strides were long and easy and for a moment Thad was sorry for the rival ocean and the fight he’d picked. His father bent low and pressed Thad to his chest and from tall grass on the bluffs above, they watched a red sun sink behind the green and Thad said “Bring it back.”