Physical (Virtual) Proof of Moore’s Law At Work: Wolfenstein Graphics in 1992 and 2014

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Zachary Lukasiewicz shared this tweet from Jeff Atwood, and supplied the Moore’s Law addendum.

The Pen, Then the Sword: John Brownee Defends the New Lightsaber, Is Totally Right

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Christopher Cocca

If you don’t read Fast Company, you’re missing a lot.  Look at the way senior writer John Brownlee deconstructs a few seconds of footage and comes up with basically everything we need to know about Star Wars VII’s new Sith.  Even if you don’t like Star Wars (click around Rad Infinitum for tons of Batman), anyone interested in story-telling should read this excellent piece. It’s about crafting far more than an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.


Veritas Lost: Harvard University Press Gets a New Look

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Don’t really like it.  Harvard was already sans lux.  It’s a shame to see veritas go, too.


It’s oddly generic, isn’t it?

Nothing beats the old Yale Press logo.

Martha Stewart’s Dead Fish Fashion Tee

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Pinterest.  I love you.  You gave me this:


This is a DIY T-shirt project from Martha Stewart.  Cool design, right?

Take a look at the Tools and Materials List.  First thing: whole fish or fish replica.

First How-To Step: Generously ink fish.


I like how she gives you a template for the hook, though.

The Awesome Ploughshares T-Shirt That Wasn’t

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All MLB Cap Logos Since 1950 in One Fantastic Graphic

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Sometimes StumbleUpon really nails it. That’s how I found this gem (and many more…look for the faux-back Rays set) by this user. Click to enlarge on the the user’s profile, and spend some time in the albums…they’re great.