On the older work page of this site, I talk about occupying ghost-towns as a metaphor for the places we've been mentally, emotionally, vocationally, digitally.   In some cases, the journals where I first published flash fiction, prose poetry, and other work no longer exist.  The pages don't load.  The links are broken. In other cases, … Continue reading Ghost-Towns

Literature, Fandom, and Fantastic Beasts; Stan Lee and Sherwood Anderson

I finished a new short story last week.  I'm mentally preparing for the next one by doing some reading and by catching up on other kinds of work.  Tomorrow, I'm going to start a story inspired in part by Sherwood Anderson's "Godliness: A Story in Four Parts."  Yesterday, I posted a short, positive review of … Continue reading Literature, Fandom, and Fantastic Beasts; Stan Lee and Sherwood Anderson

Robert Okaji’s Poem Nominated for a Pushcart

Robert is a very talented poet, and someone I discovered through the WordPress ecosystem. Here's word from Robert about his new Pushcart nomination.  I share this for two reasons:  one, to congratulate Robert; and two, to encourage myself and other readers.   From Robert:   My poem, “Year’s End,” which is included in my micro-chapbook Only … Continue reading Robert Okaji’s Poem Nominated for a Pushcart

Thursday Night TV

(November 15) Very strong episodes from both Superstore and The Good Place.  The Good Place gets all the attention, and for good reason.  But Superstore is very, very funny.  Last night's episode had everything that makes it so. 


I wrote this the other day right after seeing the news about Stan Lee.  I was taking a break from working on a new short story: Sitting here, working on some creative projects, counting my words, talking about gods and heroes, and just seeing the news that Stan Lee, the creative force behind so much … Continue reading Excelsior