25 Years Ago, The Biggest Rock Band Dropped A Perfect Album That Nobody Was Ready For

I have been saying this for years. “Be Here Now” saved my life, and I’m not the only one.

Finally, a mainstream outlet gets it right. Via Fatherly.

“But Oasis was playing a different game. Noel Gallagher never cared if his songs were taken seriously or even considered to be artistic. The goal of Oasis was always to have great big anthems, to be epic, to be larger than life, and to basically feel like the soundtrack to the imagined interior lives of the fans. Oasis famously had a working-class background, and so, the achievement of world-class fame meant that nearly every aspect of the songwriting process was like an inspirational speech. In the refrain of “All Around the World,” as Liam sings “it’s gonna be okay!” Noel echoes saying “please don’t cry and never say die!”

Posted in 90s

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