Helpful Notes on Writing from My Social Tab in Gmail and My Uber-geeky Feed.

“Get through a draft as quickly as possible. Hard to know the shape of the thing until you have a draft. Literally, when I wrote the last page of my first draft of Lincoln’s Melancholy I thought, Oh, shit, now I get the shape of this. But I had wasted years, literally years, writing and re-writing the first third to first half. The old writer’s rule applies: Have the courage to write badly.”

-Joshua Wolf Shenk, via Shannon from Authors Only/101 Words

Also, Trekkies Can Thank Herb Sollow for the Most Famous Plot Device.

It’s actually a framing device, but why split Tribble fur? I found this article incredibly germane to the issues I often have when trying to frame or ground a story. It’s a good read for any writer.

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