Anyway Here’s Wonderwall

I’m very excited to have this piece up today at Rejection Letters! Thank you to D.T. Robbins and the RL team!

Rejection Letters

I wrote this in 2008. I had just left a job in the financial sector right before the crisis. My close friend and writing partner had just died, and when that happened, I put away our Nesmith demos and talked all kinds of shit. I was feeling old, like I had better do something already, before I turned 30, God forbid, before I got too fat to look good on social media.

This year I turned 40. I feel much better now, and not so rushed. I credit that to maturity, to raising children, to getting some perspective. Fast as they’ve been, I know where the last twelve years have gone.

I’ve picked up the guitar again, and learned some ukulele. Anyway, here’s Wonderwall…

I remember this bumper on MTV from 1997, where Gibby Haynes was saying that music needed a new punk moment and he hoped to God it…

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