Kill your feed

Remember kill your tv?

I don’t know where or when that sentiment, expressed precisely that way, started. It feels like an 80s thing.

I (also an 80s thing) still have a TV. But today, I killed my feed.

It’s not the first time. It might not be the last.

I deleted twitter (to the extent that such a thing is technologically possible) and gave a heads up to my facebook friends that I’m going into another social media hibernation. I even found a way to mass unfollow everyone on LinkedIn. I got my email inbox to zero.

I’m not saying the folks I connected with on these platforms aren’t important or important to me. I’m just saying that I think I had the right hunch a few months ago. It’s all too much. It’s all too much at once.

Twitter is an especially wily platform. It’s designed to bring you false release. You really haven’t said anything at all in those 280 characters. Really, how could you?

280 characters is certainly enough space to be awful, though.

Life is too short for sifting through all of that.

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