Chris Sims On Why It’s Better to be Robin and The Choose Your Own Adventure Book Where Batman Always Dies

When I was a kid, I totally checked this book out of my elementary school library.

From Comics Alliance‘s Chris Sims:

Considering that I grew up to be the world’s leading Batmanologist, it might be a surprise to learn that when I was kid, I never really wanted to be Batman. I always wanted to be Robin, because Robin gets to hang out all the time with Batman and sometimes he saves his life and also they’re best friends and they hang out together all the time and drive cool cars and Batman probably buys Robin all the Lego sets I want, and…

Uh, sorry. Lost my train of thought there for a second. What I’m getting at here is that as much as I’ve thought about Batman over the years, I’ve never really imagined myself in his position. That’s why I was woefully unprepared to take on a 1986 Choose Your Own Adventure style book about the Caped Crusader, and why I ended up as a Tiny Batman who got killed by a kitty cat.

Read the rest here.

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