Dear Delta Thermo Energy: We Hope So, Too

If you search for Delta Thermo Energy’s website, this is what you’ll find:

Interestingly, that’s what DTE is basically also saying about the future site of their recently-approved and controversial Waste to Energy Plant:

Other details about the company on the web are sparing.  The LinkedIn profile is sparse, but we do learn that the CEO, Rob V. (Rob Van Naardan), used to work for a private equity firm. Mr. Van Naardan, if you’re reading this, I’d sincerely like to talk to you about emissions issues and I’d love to learn as much as possible about your process.  I’d also like to connect you and your company with the Air Quality Partnership of Lehigh Valley – Berks.  Given your committment to near-zero emissions, DTE and AQP likely have some interests in common.

5 thoughts on “Dear Delta Thermo Energy: We Hope So, Too

  1. I was under the impression that this experimental plant was being built at Klines Island by the waste water treatment plant.,Thanks for providing a map.

    1. Sure thing, John. I’ve heard next to the sewage treatment plant at Kline’s Island, too. The first map, when zoomed in like I had it, didn’t show what I wanted…the stretch of the Little Lehigh from the Water Works/Fountain Park to the sewage plant/Kline’s Island. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Mr. Cocca, Now that the energy plant is planned aside the water plant several alarms have begun to ring. A few years ago high rise condos were planned on Martin Luther King Blvd alongside the creek at Lehigh Parkway East.I moved out of town so I do not know if they were built.I seem to remember environmental concerns about flooding and run off etc..With the energy plant along the creek and the amount of trash to be hauled there these same environmental issues need to be addressed.I for one am concerned by large trucks delivering trash and where will they park without using the soccer fields etc. at Fountain Park

  3. It is unwise to enter into long-term private contracts in an emerging market. There are many waste to energy options available that don’t offer something too good to be true.

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