Muhlenberg is one of America’s Hottest Colleges

As an Ursinus alum, I’m bummed my alma mater didn’t make this list.  But Muhlenberg College ranks right up there with Boston College, Boston University, NYU, USC, Georgetown, Yale and other marquee-brand schools on a new list of America’s hottest colleges.  That’s hottest as in “the place to be.”

I’ve been saying for years that Allentown is “the place to be,” and it’s precisely that now more than ever.

(BTW, as a Yale alum, take that, Harvard.)

4 thoughts on “Muhlenberg is one of America’s Hottest Colleges

    1. I think I would have gone to Muhlenberg or Lehigh…though I didn’t visit any Valley schools or apply to any. Never even considered it, except to say that I didn’t want to. That’s not a dig on the local scene…it’s just where a lot of people are at when they’re 18 and want to do something different.

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