How Eddie Reached Out to Diamond Dave (And Some Comic Book Bromance Valentine Extras)

Batman/Superman art via Dave Bullock.

3 thoughts on “How Eddie Reached Out to Diamond Dave (And Some Comic Book Bromance Valentine Extras)

  1. Have you heard Eddie and Diamond Dave’s new single? In olden days everything Eddie played was a blend of rhythm and lead; on “Tattoo” he is sometimes just playing chords. Dave sounds good at the top of his vocal range, but spends most of the song singing in a very low, guttural style that did not sound like him at all. I was disappointed, but I am sure I will end up buying the album anyway.

  2. Haven’t heard it yet. Glad to hear that DLR can still bring it in the high range. I’ll have to check it out. Where do you place DLR and EVH on the list of all-time frontmen/guitarist duos?

  3. That’s not a list I would generally make, but let’s see. There aren’t many classic hard rock bands with a dedicated frontman and/or only one guitarist, which is what makes DLR and EVH so special. They are certainly far below Plant / Page. Slightly below Daltrey / Townshend. Far above Gillan / Blackmore and Osbourne / Iommi, but below Osbourne / Rhoads. On par with Mercury / May. Oh, and definitely above Hagar / EVH!

    See, if you write 1300 thoughtful words about an important socio-politica-religio-philosophical problem I will find nothing coherent to say about it. But I’ll happily take half an hour I don’t have to think about ’70s pop culture.

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