How Much Will UGI Update Allentown’s Infrastructure Before This Happens Again?

There was another gas explosion in Allentown today.  Thankfully, no one was killed.  The fact that the explosion happened while the cast iron pipe was in the process of being replaced doesn’t make me feel any better.  How long until all remaining 100-year-old cast iron pipes in the natural gas infrastructure are replaced by UGI?  It hasn’t even been a week since this post about the sinkhole on 1oth Street and the degraded infrastructure below our residential neighborhoods.

The related articles below are recent looks at UGI’s financial health.  I have an idea for the powers that be:  take some of those extraordinary dividends and use them to fix the effing pipes.


  1. Living in Center City, I have more fear of large gas explosions and sink-holes than I do crime. I do note that UGI has been doing a ton of work on Chew Street over the past year. They replaced lines about a block away from this explosion last winter.


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