It’s Okay, US Senate, We Got This: Due Process and The War on Terror

From the NYT:

“WASHINGTON — The Senate on Thursday decided to leave unanswered a momentous question about constitutional rights in the war against Al Qaeda: whether government officials have the power to arrest people inside the United States and hold them in military custody indefinitely and without a trial.”

Let me handle this for you, The Senate:


With thanks to Kyle Minor for sharing the article on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “It’s Okay, US Senate, We Got This: Due Process and The War on Terror

  1. Thanks for writing about this; I’ve had a tab open to this strangely slanted article about the failure of an earlier amendment for several days while waiting for the right words to come to me.

    I suppose leaving that question unanswered is better than having given a definitive affirmative answer, but both leave me with a mix of sadness, anger, and fear. How many of the senators who find indefinite detainment without trial or even charges perfectly acceptable spend every day bloviating about how income tax collection is an immoral use of force, emission standards are tyranny, and health care mandates are an affront to liberty?

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