For You Beloved Nexus of Lehigh Valley Denizens and WordPress Nerds

Doesn’t the WordPress stat info at the top of your blog look like Bethlehem Steel?:

That is all.

No, wait.  I just thought about the fact that Americans used to make things, like steel, that were used to build things, like bridges.  Still, this will not be a cynical “and now all we make are blogs” kind of post.  Division of labor and all of that. Quite.

Come quickly, green industry.  Maranatha, renewable energy production.  We have the vacant buildings on the river to accommodate your needs.  We know the Steel isn’t coming back, that China leads the world in the cement production (and cement-related air pollution).  But we also know that a service-based economy only lasts so long (I’m thinking until about 2008).

One thought on “For You Beloved Nexus of Lehigh Valley Denizens and WordPress Nerds

  1. Of course I noticed all of the empty buildings begging for the labor of the green industrial revolution when I still lived in Baltimore, but now that I’m back in my North Carolina small town, I see the need even more. BTW, your stats info does look like Bethlehem Steel. Mine looks like where I live — cotton field, my house, more cotton fields…

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