Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, Where, Precisely, Do You Stand on PA HB 832 and PA HB 878?

Is the stance you took on similar Colorado bills while you were Archbishop of Denver an indication?

I’m asking because:

  • I don’t know.
  • It’s important, and is especially prominent now.

PA Rep. Michael McGeehan (D – Phila) said in piece in yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer that the Penn State scandal “explodes the idea that sex abuse is just a problem in Philadelphia, or of priests, or that window legislation targets the Catholic Church.”

When in Denver, Chaput fought similar laws because he felt they unfairly targeted the Catholic Church while ignoring other institutions.

Charles Chaput, what say you now?

3 thoughts on “Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, Where, Precisely, Do You Stand on PA HB 832 and PA HB 878?

  1. I know you are writing this with the knowledge that there are imbeciles in every organization and every religion.
    Please don’t think that one misguided individual’s comments represent the heart of the Catholic Church. He obviously doesn’t understand what victims go through….shame on him.

    The Catholic Church has strict policies in place now in dealing with educating about child sex abuse. Everyone that has anything to do with the church must take a sex abuse awareness course…from priests, to teachers, to janitors, to parent volunteers in Catholic schools hosting their 1st graders Valentine party. All children in every grade from before pre-K through high school are age appropriately educated as well. (I taught Sunday school to 4 year olds and presented a church approved age appropriate lesson to my kids. Parents were invited as well)

    No other organization that deals with children has a stricter policy.

  2. Thank you. The issue in PA right now seems (and I say “seems” because we’re talking about politics) to be that these bills are simply sitting on Ron Marsico’s desk. A powerful endorsement from the Archbishop might help, and would certainly continue to bolster the commitments the Catholic Church has made over the last decade that you point out. Thank God for them, and for people like you!

    I always appreciate your thoughts on this matters.

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