The Grad Student’s Failure Doesn’t Make the Coach’s Failure Any Better

I didn't say "Penn Sate" or "Joe Paterno" once in this post, but look what WordPress did.

You’re a grad student. You witness a crime. Of course you should go to the police. Instead, you go to one of the most powerful people you’ll ever meet, a man who has prided his career on the development of men of character, and rather than go to the police, said coaching legend tells the AD and the VP of business and finance about what you said you saw. No one ever goes to the police. Heinous crimes against children continue for ten years. If you’re the grad student, you made a huge mistake and are as guilty or almost as guilty as the coach. Legally, you’ve both violated state law by not reporting to the authorities.  If you’re the coach, you’re still guilty, at least as much as the grad student, maybe more so because of your position in the community and because of your immense credibility. You should be fired. That’s it, and that’s all.

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