Kindle Fire an Aptly Named Product (Yes, This is About Amazon’s Deplorable Working Conditions in the Lehigh Valley)

Twitter is just ablaze (see what I did there?) with news about Amazon’s new Kindle Fire.  It’s touch. It’s cheap. It slices and dices and makes three different (pizza slice falls on Master Splinter’s head.  I never did have resolution about that).

The Kindle Fire by Amazon.  The must-have gift this Christmas.  The incredible price point of $199.  Made possible, of course, because Amazon runs facilities like those in Breinigsville, Lehigh Valley, PA, where conditions over the summer were so unsafe that Amazon used the local ambulance corps. as a concierge service.  “Well, you know, it was hot this summer,” says Amazon.  Then why weren’t the same dangerous conditions observed at any of the many other warehouses in within a stone’s throw of Amazon’s facilities? Curiouser and curiouser.

The Kindle Fire: Because Our Warehouses Are Hot as Hell!

The Kindle Fire: Because That’s What We Do To Temps and Employees Who Use Heat-Induced Sick Days!

The Kindle Fire: So Cheap, We’re Hoping You Ignore our Human Rights and Safety Violations!

The Kindle Fire: Give the Gift of Worker Abuse This Christmas!

7 thoughts on “Kindle Fire an Aptly Named Product (Yes, This is About Amazon’s Deplorable Working Conditions in the Lehigh Valley)

  1. Wait, so it’s $199 AND it comes infused with human suffering? I’m in! Also, how dare you blaspheme the One True Bookstore? Seriously, no free shipping for you on orders less than $25.

  2. I asked for an eReader for my birthday and got a Kobo. I specifically asked not to be given a Kindle. Amazon is the absolute worst.

    Keep writing these posts, Chris. Eventually, people will get clued in and Amazon will either change or go out of business. Me? I’m kinda hoping they just go out of business.

    P.S. Totally off-topic, but I LOVE the reference to Master Splinter. My latest post mentions him as well. Between Ninja Turtles and Animaniacs, I’m pretty sure we agree on what are the best cartoons ever. Good stuff.

  3. That’s horrifying. I have a Kindle, and an Amazon Prime subscription. I think the Prime subscription is going away and I’m going to start buying my random MP3s elsewhere.

    Is it possible to be socially responsible and buy a tablet or an e-reader? Are there any that *aren’t* made in horrifying conditions?

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