Between Georgia and God: Prayers for Troy Davis

I started the week wanting to write extensively on the Amazon story here in the Lehigh Valley.  What good is writing for the Huffington Post if I can’t shine some light on glaring corporate-sponsored, government-enabled, and consumer-driven sin right here in my back yard?

Then PennEnvironment released their new report, Danger In The Air, and invited me to speak at a press conference along with their representatives and PA Rep. Steve Samuelson this morning in Allentown.  The long and the short of it is that by the most current scientific standards (not currently used by the EPA, even Obama’s EPA), the Allentown Metro Area (that is, the Greater Lehigh Valley) ranks as the 13th smoggiest metro-region of similar size in the nation.  Pennsylvania ranks 6th worst on the state list.

Both of these stories have me in knots, as does the pending execution of Troy Davis.  There are things I can do about the sweatshop in Breingisville and about the state of our air.  In the case of Troy Davis, I feel like all I can do is tweet, make phone calls that go unanswered, email, and pray.  In the 21st century, this is all part of advocacy, but I know that no matter what I write about today,  the life and death of Troy Davis is finally  between some [people] in Georgia and God.

Please: email those [people] and pray to that God.  Make phone calls.  Demonstrate peacefully.  Stand up for change.  To Pro-life Christians and others who support the death penalty: please connect the gapes in your garment of life and realize that the death penalty is every bit as barbaric is abortion.  Even if Troy Davis is guilty, what’s about to happen is wrong.  Death-penalty fans:  where, philosophically, does your traditional mistrust of government fit with your belief that our social contract somehow invests the state with the right to end life?  That’s insane.

2 thoughts on “Between Georgia and God: Prayers for Troy Davis

  1. We are praying that God changes hearts and minds. And we will continue this prayer no matter the outcome. Thanks for writing about Troy Davis, and for being unafraid to speak for humanity in general.

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