Fight the Lies, Expose the Truth about Burma

From the the US Campaign for Burma:

Even though they have labeled themselves a ‘democracy’, Burma’s rulers are up to their same old tricks – playing another round of their favorite game – the ‘wait and see’ game.

They have become very skilled at this game.  When Burma’s rulers want something from the international community, they make a few cosmetic changes and make vague promises of ‘reform’ to charm the world into not imposing stronger measures.  The international community then says ‘let’s wait and see if the generals will keep their promises, this time is different.’  We want to finally have the international community hold the regime accountable and we need your help to demand real change not phony promises.

We don’t want any more ‘wait and see’ diplomatic games. The international community has been calling for the unconditional release of ALL political prisoners, and end to attacks against civilians, and genuine inclusive political dialogue for years. Instead of hoping for this, it is time the world gave Burma’s regime a deadline and say NOW is the time. Burma’s regime must meet these basic benchmarks needed for true democratic change by October 15th or the international community will respond with strong measures.

It doesn’t take much to see how what the regime says about democratic change is different than what they do:

–  President Thein Sein announced that exiled activists could now return back to Burma. While he has not released the nearly 2,000 political prisoners who remain locked up. When an exiled journalist did return, once he landed at the airport he was detained and interrogated.

–  The regime announced it would create a human rights commission. At the same time troops are being ordered to commit atrocities in ethnic areas. Even chief ministers are ordering forced labor. There are 30,000 newly displaced in Shan State and 40,000 newly displaced in Kachin State. The militarization in Burma is increasing in ethnic states, and many communities are facing forced labor, forced relocation, sexual violence, and more.

–  While officials make speeches about helping the economy and alleviating poverty they sell off Burma’s natural resources to other countries. Dams and pipelines will ship energy to China and other countries, while local populations face displacement, abuses, and still no electricity.

Join our new campaign to demand a deadline for the regime to take action or face the consequences.  Help demand real change not phony promises.  It starts with you – we must change the game.

It starts with waging war against the regime’s information machine –  Sign up today to host an event at your school or community that tells the true stories of what is happening in Burma. The regime doesn’t want the world to hear the stories of refugees, child soldiers, activists and more – so stand up, tell the stories, and break the regime’s propaganda! Find out more here.

You will be hearing more from us as we work to break the lies of the regime and hold them accountable. Stay tuned.

Also, prepare for the campaign and upcoming Saffron Revolution anniversary by purchasing t-shirts, posters, bags, etc from our online Freedom Store!

In Solidarity,

Myra and the USCB team

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