How To Make A Hollow Book in Which to Hide Your Stuff

If you went to a high school, you knew a kid who tried to do this. Trust me on that. (No, it wasn’t me.) Now that you’re all growed-up like Wendy Darling, what kinds of things would you use something like this for? Oh, and kids, if you’re reading: don’t bring crap you’re not supposed to to school. Unless it’s something funny. Also, don’t do drugs.

found here via StumbleUpon.

My favorite part of this whole project has to be the inclusion of our old friend, the 3.5 inch floppy disk.  I also appreciated “make sure this is your book” and “make sure you use a hardcover book.”  Now, honestly, I actually cringe at the very thought of cutting or otherwise mangling a book no matter what the awesome final product.  When I find old books at garage sales, I bring them home and nurse them back to health.  Maybe you have a damaged, unusable, unsalvageable edition of something that you can re-purpose for these kinds of projects. If so, then, like Mitch Hedberg used to say, I’m for ’em.

Speaking of Mitch Hedberg, I’m pretty sure he invented Twitter.  Is a post on that forthcoming?  I think you know the answer to that, friend.

Speaking of StumbleUpon, if you use it, let me know so we can connect and share recommendations, reviews, and likes.  If you don’t know what it is, let me just say that it has precious little to do with Culture Club.  Misheard title lyrics there are “I’ll Tumble 4 Ya.”  You’d think these guys would be all over that.

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9 thoughts on “How To Make A Hollow Book in Which to Hide Your Stuff

    1. That reminds me that a carved-out, out-of-dead edition of Baseball Prospectus would make a great novelty holder for sunflower seeds. There’s a whole untapped market of dugout chic that no one’s serving.

      See how I got from there to baseball? It’s day two of Spring Training, after all.

  1. After I read your line, “Also, don’t do drugs,” all I thought about was Crack Is Whack and Nancy Reagan.

  2. I was the kid in high school who tried to hollow a book. I wanted to put an alarm clock in there to torment the librarian.

    I didn’t have anything sharp, so I used the nail file part of some nail clippers. I ended up gashing my finger open and abandoned the project altogether.

    Fun post. Thanks!

    1. Now that’s a contraband project I can get behind. It would have been great to bring in a bunch of old (unsaveable, of course) books, but alarm clocks in all of them set for different times, and hide them all throughout the library.

  3. Love it. The trick is making sure it’s a book that looks like it belongs in your library. If I dig a copy of The Way Things Ought to Be by Rush Limbaugh out of the trash to hollow out, it might as well scream, “money’s here!” ;-)

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