The DIY “Freaks and Geeks” Valentine I Sent To My Wife

15 thoughts on “The DIY “Freaks and Geeks” Valentine I Sent To My Wife

    1. awesome!!! Someone’s getting a shout-in in tomorrow’s video blog! BTW, I haven’t forgotten about your guest post and earlier today I submitted your “King’s Speech” post to StumbleUpon. I hope that brings some more new readers your way!

        1. um, i’m twitter illiterate. i joined and then….well i’m boring. i’ll try, just for you!

  1. I’m not quite gettin’ this one. Do I have to see a movie to understand this one? :)

    Oh, and when you see this same comment on your poetry, you can delete that one. I put it on the wrong post. Sorry!

    1. It’s a actually a show. It only ran for something like 12 episodes, but it’s fantastic. So many people got their start or early work on it…Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, Ben Foster, Rasheeda Williams, John Francis Daley, Linda Cardellini, Lizzy Kaplan…and it was produced by Judd Apatow before he was Judd Apatow. But yeah, you have to see it to get the joke. Jason Segel’s character, Nick Andopolous, is the best.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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