Murdoch’s Daily Launched, My Citations, Errata, and Willingness to Help

I’m quoted today in a piece by Richard Curtis on regarding News Corp.’s launch of The Daily. Curtis rightly points out that the final pricing model differs from the widely held speculation I cited in my original piece that ran on The Huffington Post. It’s .99 a week (not day, as many of us thought).  Still, like I said at ereads, it remains to be seen whether The Daily’s staff can bring together the kind of curation that would make it worth anyone’s while to pay for things you can get almost anywhere online for free.  Curtis also used the word shibboleth to describe the perhaps generational dictum about information wanting to be free.  I like that word.

Thanks, Richard, for quoting me. The Daily: I do wish you the best of luck.  You got a not-great review on Mashable yesterday, and the main point of contention was the quality of your written content.  Mr. Murdoch and friends, I’m available.

3 thoughts on “Murdoch’s Daily Launched, My Citations, Errata, and Willingness to Help

  1. It’ll be interesting to see how Murdoch’s experiment works out. If someone contacts you about your willingness to help, let them know you have a friend…

  2. Well, one thing’s for sure- it looks pretty.

    I’m not sure that’s worth a dollar a week, but if I’m going to get my news fix somehow, seeing it wrapped in an amazingly beautiful wrapper on my iPad is definitely something to consider.

    Maybe not $52 a year worth, but perhaps worth something?

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