Wherein I Attempt to Answer Questions My Readers Asked Google Yesterday

Things I know about.

I’m pleased as punch about the first search term.  I love Kris Kristofferson, and I not just because I covet his name for my own nom de plume.  I’m going to have to go with Chris St. Christopher when I start writing hard-boiled crime novels.

The second search term is here because of my quote from this week’s “The Office,” and I’d like to try to answer it if I could.  Mark Zuckerberg’s jet pack is the same place yours is: the government-confiscated files of this guy.  That’s the only possible explanation for why this world hasn’t happened yet.  I’m pretty sure I have a post somewhere in archives here simply titled “Where is My Jet Pack? Where Is My Flying Car?” (Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down.)  Blame Thomas Edison and his smear campaign against Alternating Current. Blame whoever is holding on to those designs for the ion-repulsion flight apparatus. We should have jet packs by now.  We should have flying cars.  Mssrs. Hanna, Barbera, Disney, and Verne: you promised.

2 thoughts on “Wherein I Attempt to Answer Questions My Readers Asked Google Yesterday

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