Being Creative Is Not A Waste of Time

March 23, 2010

I know I’m late on this, but I’ve been wanting to reiterate that what Michael Giacchino said at the Oscars (and how he said it) was really important:

Thank you, guys. When I was… I was nine and I asked my dad, “Can I have your movie camera? That old, wind-up 8 millimeter camera that was in your drawer?” And he goes, “Sure, take it.” And I took it and I started making movies with it and I started being as creative as I could, and never once in my life did my parents ever say, “What you’re doing is a waste of time.” Never. And I grew up, I had teachers, I had colleagues, I had people that I worked with all through my life who always told me what you’re doing is not a waste of time. So that was normal to me that it was OK to do that. I know there are kids out there that don’t have that support system so if you’re out there and you’re listening, listen to me: If you want to be creative, get out there and do it. It’s not a waste of time. Do it. OK? Thank you. Thank you.

Same for Mo’Nique: “sometimes you have to forgo doing what is popular in order to do what’s right.”

I was reminded of both of these quotes by this post.

2 thoughts on “Being Creative Is Not A Waste of Time

  1. Hi Chris, read through your blog and really liked the flagging of the quotes. It’s difficult not to do the popular thing but it’s important to keep in mind what’s right!

    I found your blog because I just got accepted into the New School for an MFA in Creative Writing and I’m wondering whether to accept. I saw you wrote on some of your initial thoughts on TNS at the MFA Chronicles, but there didn’t seem to be a lot of followup blogs to it (or maybe it’s all offline now). Would love if you could blog/email me about your thoughts a year after, how you found the classes, lecturers, what you liked/disliked about them. I’ve been out of school a while now and it’ll be a big change for me to go back so it’ll be really, really helpful. I know there are a lot of other potential TNS MFA students who’d appreciate it too.

    Totally understand if you’re busy but would really appreciate it if you can help us all out!

    Thanks! And hope the writing is going well!

  2. Hi Winston,

    Check out the new post at MFA Chronicles. I also emailed you.

    If anyone else wants a more in-depth discussion about the program I’m in, feel free to comment on this blog (include your email address) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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