Nanoism is Fitting

I went to the doctor today to get some paperwork for school filled out.  Since I hadn’t been there in a while, they made me do weight and height.  It turns out I am the height I feared I was, not the one inch more I keep saying I am knowing I’m probably not.  Well anyway, this lie will continue.

But, in related news, I have a very, very, very short story up at Nanoism today.  The fitting part is the shortness, not the content.

I’m not short, by the way.  Just concentrated.  Potent.

6 thoughts on “Nanoism is Fitting

  1. No artificial filler, just concentrated goodness… or is that like the Juicy Juice slogan or something… Nice 6-word story, I liked it.

  2. Great short! :) Thanks for the blog visit. Panama was incredibly beautiful…thanks for the comment! Hope all is well and I enjoy reading your stuff.

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